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Why babies gets upset for unimportant

Peter’s been going through #sensitiveperiodfororder for a while now so I thought I’d share a little about what that is and how we can support our little ones during this period that can be somewhat challenging πŸ˜…

Swipe through for all the details, and then continue here for some examples of what it looks like:

– His toys having a specific spot on the carpet or lined up in a row

– Putting his shoes on only while sitting in his chair in the entryway

– Wanting to walk to or from grandma’s only when it’s light out

– Resistance to new things like new furniture, clothing, or shoes

– Reading the same book before bed, and then hearing a story from each of us, every night

– Making sure he brought everything home from daycare, every day

and many more 🫑

I won’t lie, it can be frustrating at times, especially when his requests seem irrational (to us), but in these moments I try to remind myself that this is a natural and crucial part of Peter’s development. This sensitive period for order comes from his internal drive to make sense of the world.

So we do our best to maintain consistency and routine as much as possible, and when an ‘irrational’ request does come up (as they often do during this period) like insisting we go back home to get his red hat ‘min l awal☝🏽☝🏽’ sometimes it means heading back home and sometimes it means acknowledging his feelings, helping him through the big emotions, giving him choices, and learning together about how to better support this intense need for order.

I hope you find this helpful! ❀️

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Why babies gets upset for unimportant

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