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My Toddler Cooks, Visual Recipe Guide

The kitchen offers such a beautiful opportunity for making memories, bonding with our kids, and helping them acquire essential real life skills in a super fun way.

Positively interacting with food without the pressure of eating – which is what cooking offers – also does wonders with little picky eaters. You’ll realize how when you ask them to taste something, they won’t, but when you ask them to help chop, mash, pour etc.. they’ll very often end up taking a lick or a bite!

These visual recipe cards are meant to make your child’s involvement in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable for both of you. They will help guide you on how to prep the environment and in what ways to involve your child. They are fun & easy to follow for kids as young as 2 years old!

Are you ready to turn family cooking from stress to fun?!

*This is a digital product. You will not be receiving any physical product.*




A visual recipe guide is a kid-friendly set of instructions that is presented using pictures or illustrations instead of text. Visual recipe guides can be a useful tool for helping children, especially pre-readers, learn how to cook and bake, and can make the process more accessible, engaging, and interactive for them.

This guide uses realistic photos to represent all of the ingredients and tools needed as well as a visual representation of the actions required by your child to prepare the recipes independently or with minimal adult assistance. It makes it easier for children of all ages to follow along and stay on track while cooking, as they can see exactly what they need to do at each step.

By providing 6 easy-to-follow recipes with detailed instructions for you, the parent, and clear step-by-step pictures for your child, we hope to make your child’s involvement in the kitchen easier, more fun, and enjoyable for both of you.


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