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Breakfast Choice Cards for Kids

Ready to transform your morning routine?

Toddlers and preschoolers love to feel like they’re in charge.

These breakfast choice cards work because they’re fun and empowering for children but also help you, as a parent, promote variety at breakfast while minimizing struggles or meltdowns.

Check out the description below for more information on how to use these handy cards to streamline your mornings!




The breakfast choice cards feature 24 diverse breakfast options that fall under both Lebanese and International cuisines.

Every card has both a real image and the name of the breakfast option which makes it easy for children of all ages to identify and express what they want. I have also included a sheet with blank cards, in case you want to add a breakfast option that I haven’t included.

How to use the cards:
It is recommended to offer your child 2-3 cards to choose from, either the night before or in the morning. Since you get to decide what the choices are, pick the breakfast options based on what you have available or what you are able/willing to make. Once a choice has been made, you can choose to either have that option unavailable for the rest of the week, or rotate it back in after a certain number of days.


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