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As a mother and a Montessorian, I believe every parent deserves personalized support. Whether you want to create a Montessori-inspired environment at home, understand how to support your child’s unique development, or learn how to deal with a parenting struggle from a Montessori perspective, I’d love to work closely with you to understand your unique needs and draw up a custom plan of action.

I can help with:

  • Montessori activities for your child’s age/interests
  • Understanding sensitive periods
  • Transitions and rhythms (new home/new school)
  • Facilitating independence
  • Setting up a Montessori home/space/area
  • Supporting language development and reading
  • The Montessori approach to discipline
  • How to use observation to support your child
  • Toilet learning the Montessori way
  • And more!


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Email Service Consultation

$ 20 /question
  • For parents looking to receive guidance on specific questions or concerns related to Montessori and/or parenting.
  • Ask a simple & directed questions
  • Receive a detailed answer
  • Includes links for additional learning, if applicable
  • Responses via email within 48 hours

Virtual Guidance Consultation

$ 60 /hour
  • For parents looking to receive guidance on a complex or urgent matter through an interactive conversation.
  • Chat 1:1 with me in real time
  • Dig deep into a specific area or topic
  • Ask as many questions as you want
  • Receive a recording of the session to refer back to

Virtual Room Consultation

$ 80 /room
  • For parents looking to create beautiful and functional spaces that support their child’s development and encourage their natural desire to learn and explore.
  • Choose one room or several
  • Fill in the intake form with photos
  • Chat 1:1 with me in real time
  • Receive visual and written recommendations

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